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A bit about us


hotCombs is ‘The Source for Professional Grade Combs and Brushes’. What makes hotCombs unique…it’s all in the name! Our focus and passion are combs and brushes. That makes us different from other hair care retailers who also sell combs and brushes, but who’s time and resources are also consumed on countless other beauty supply products.


We exclusively feature, industry leader Hercules Sägemann combs and brushes. Why? Because for over 150 years, Hercules Sägemann has produced the world’s highest quality combs.

We specialize in combs and we have partnered with a company that not only specializes in combs, but also produces the best. Hercules Sägemann meets and exceeds our high standards and expectations. The brand which guarantees the highest quality, functional design and maximum hair protection.


Know your comb! Because all combs are not the same. At hotCombs, we do not believe “a comb is just a comb”. But what we do believe; having the right knowledge and tools makes the difference in obtaining and keeping the look and healthy hair you desire. Every comb created should have a specific purpose and you should always know what that purpose is.

All of our combs and brushes are selected based on specific function and design through extensive and detailed research by our staff to guarantee optimal performance. Visit hotTips to learn more about the best tools and techniques for achieving and maintaining healthy hair.


Assisting our clients in succeeding in their personal and professional haircare needs. Rather a professional stylist or a do-it-yourselfer, we are committed to providing our clients the world’s best combs and brushes to help obtain and maintain healthy hair with the ultimate Cut, Style & Technique!