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Hercules Sagemann


Hercules Sägemann is ‘the’ renowned leader and producer of natural rubber and plastic combs.  For over 150 years, they have produced the world’s highest quality of combs. The brand which guarantees highest quality, functional design and maximum hair protection.

The anchor of the Hercules Sägemann brand is the *vulcanized 100% natural rubber or Ebonite combs.  These Black Masterpieces are hand-sawnhand-cut and hand-polished!  If the comb bears ‘Hercules Sägemann’ embossed in real gold, it is the best in the world, the best of its kind, and fulfills the highest professional demands.


Hercules Sägemann is the preferred choice of professional stylists and barbers around the world . Hercules Sägemann’s Ebonite combs are complemented by an extensive assortment of the Magic Star ebonite line, the SilkLine thermoplastic combs, the TM 2.0 plastic comb line, and Hercules Sagemann Brushes.

All Hercules Sägemann’s plastic combs are shaped in premium quality molds in a single production step and are therefore free of *uneven edges that would damage the hair.  The molding tools and the synthetic materials used for production are the determinants of a comb’s quality and properties.

hotCombs demands and expects the best of ourselves and our partners.  This is why Hercules Sägemann is hotCombs exclusive comb and brush producer.  Hercules Sägemann is perfection in design and function!

Although there may be seams present due to the molding process, the key factor is that the seams are “even” and smooth. Uneven seams are the culprits that will snag and tear the hair. These combs are manufactured at the highest level and quality control measures for a plastic comb.

*Vulcanized: the process of hardening the natural rubber in hot steam. This allows the rubber to be harder, much more durable, more resistant to chemicals, and makes the surface of the material smoother, flexible, and dimensionally stable.