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Shipping Insurance


We offer very reasonable shipping insurance rates for USPS shipments in the US ($0.99) and international ($1.25).  Please take the time to safeguard your shipment against lost, stolen or damaged items.  Shipping Insurance can be added to your cart before finalizing your order.

*Please note, Express Mail shipments are automatically insured up to a $100 order value.


Once your order has shipped from our facility with the USPS, hotCombs is NOT responsible for your package if it is lost, stolen or damaged.  All orders are shipped with a Delivery Confirmation that tracks the time and date the USPS received the package from us and the time and date the USPS delivered your package. Please make sure your shipping address is correct before finalizing your order.

Although the USPS has proven to be a reliable shipping provider, packages can become lost, stolen or damaged while in transit. It is rare that these situations occur, however, they can happen even after reaching your mailbox.

In the event that one of these occurrences happen, hotCombs will not replace the items. Once your package has left our facility with the USPS, it is their responsibility to handle all lost, stolen or damaged packages. Please contact your local USPS office to discuss your shipment issue.

***PLEASE NOTE, all items are thoroughly inspected after production and again prior to shipment for any damages or defects.


If your shipment is returned to us as undeliverable due to an incorrect address, we reserve the right to refund the purchase amount less the shipping cost. You will receive an email notifying you that your shipment was returned to us and a refund was processed. If you would still like to purchase your items, you are welcome to place another order at with a new or correct shipping address.