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Magic Star Jumbo Rake

(173 customer reviews)


PLEASE NOTE:  The Magic Star Jumbo Rake will no longer include the blue foiled stamp “Magic Star” on the comb as it is pictured.  However, the combs are still authentic and hand-made in Germany by Hercules Sagemann.

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Magic Star: Perfection in design and function!

The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is an “all-around” comb.  The Magic Star Jumbo Rake works like a hand to add volume, separate curls, and blend sleek straight styles. The Jumbo Rake can handle even the toughest jobs:  detangling hair, distributing your favorite conditioner, gently gliding thru wet hair, awesome shower comb.

The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is perfect in the 1st phase of the 3Comb Smooth.  Pair the Jumbo Rake with it’s little sister the Magic mini Star Rake for when you’re on the go or at the gym!  Or, save 10% when you buy the Magic Star Rake Set.

No worries about snagging or ripping your hair. The teeth are absolutely free of any seams or burrs. The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection! In the Salon, at home or when traveling, Hercules Sagemann’s combs are unbeatable for styling.

Tip: Use nothing but the best combs on your hair…even at the salon!  Consult with your stylist about using your comb(s) at all of your appointments and get the most out of your hair care regimen.  Remember, if it’s not a Hercules Sägemann comb, it’s just a simple comb.  See for yourself!

Whether with lots of volume, curly or smooth, with or without texture, styling combs make an individual look possible.  Particularly when smoothing the hair, it is important that the comb is absolutely burr-free.  Only in this way is it possible to guarantee that the hair cuticle is preserved. The width, length and shape of the tooth determines the type of texture and gives the individual look.  It is a friend to your hair and scalp.  The ideal styling comb for every look!

  • Made by hand from 100% Vulcanized Natural Hard Rubber
  • Tried and tested design with perfect ergonomics
  • Twist-resistant and yet flexible
  • The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut, and hand-polished to perfection!
  • Non-porous (will not support the growth of mold or mildew); guaranteeing hygiene
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Very smooth and gentle to the hair and scalp due to rounded tips and sides
  • Very good gliding ability when combing through the hair


Additional information

3Comb Smooth

1st Phase




9" x 3.5"


Extra Wide Teeth


Works like a hand, adds volume, separate curls, and blends straight hair, detangles hair and distributes conditioner

173 reviews for Magic Star Jumbo Rake

  1. Cherryhair123

    Love my Magic Star Jumbo Rake. It glided through what could be described as a wild forest of hair with no problem. Love it! Also, it was delivered quick too. Learned about this on Longhaircareforum.

  2. Sera

    I recently purchased this comb along with others & love it. It goes through my 4b hair with no snagging. Absolutely love it.

  3. Elaina

    I have fine, natural 4a/4b hair. This comb was one of my best purchases. My hair doesn’t get snagged or ripped by it. It’s also great for combing conditioner through the hair. Like the previous member, I learned about this comb through the Long Hair Care Forum.

  4. sheila

    absolute love this comb. it is very helpful keeping the hair tangle free.

  5. Fashion Diva

    I can’t wait to use this comb! I have only heard wonderful things about this comb.

  6. Fashion Diva

    I just received the Magic Star Jumbo Rake and I love it! If you dread combing your hair due to it being snagged or pulled by your comb, you are going to love this comb. No more snags or pulls! It is a wonderful investment for your hair!

  7. monique

    I am seeing so many reviews for this comb all over the forums that I just have to try it. Cannot wait to get it in the mail!

  8. NEA

    Great comb! Detangles beautifully.

  9. Zee

    I’m type 4a/4b. I ordered this comb based on a review from Charzboss on Youtube. It shipped fast and the comb absolutely does what it says it will. I really like this comb and I’ll be ordering my combs exclusively from this site as well as informing others to do so as well.

    *waves at my LongHairCareForum friends*

  10. Bettye

    I bought this comb because a woman said this was a great comb on lhcf. So I wanted to try. I am so happy I bought this comb. It looks big, but it works wonders on my thick hair. This comb is the best because my hair does not go snap, crackle, and pop when I comb my hair anymore. Worth more than what I paid and I highly recommend.

  11. Dominique

    love, love, love this comb! my hairs bestfriend.

  12. Cricket

    I absolutely LOVE this comb. Before I got this comb, I was losing so much hair on a daily basis with my other combs. Now, I only lose maybe 2-3 strands. This comb is a life-saver. It is AWESOME at detangling my hair in the shower. It just glides straight through. Did I mention how much I love this comb?

  13. Kim

    Just received my magic star comb and satin cap and I love both. The items are exactly as described. Thank you!

  14. Karol

    Ok, we both agree that it was a very long wait from the time that I saw you guess in the Essence article until actually receiving my products. But, talk about worth the wait…WOW! I would get my ends clipped frequently but my hair continued to have major split ends and was shedding like a dog. Well little did I realize it was my cheapy comb that I’ve been using for over 10 yrs. Now, I don’t leave the house without my Magic Star! My stylist was out of the country for a few months and when he returned on Saturday, me and my comb went to see him. He was so amazed. So, I pulled my comb out and he exclaimed “Where did you get this?!!” I told him about your company and gave him the website. He said he is going to order some for him and his employees. He said he has been searching for a comb like that. I then asked for mine back:-) Thank you hotcombs! The improvement in my hair has been tremendous. No more shedding, tangles, static or irrated scalp. My hair is happy. Thanks!

  15. Tabitha

    I love this comb it’s worth every single penny if not more. I had been eyeing it for a while and after listening to so many review I finally took the plunge and bought one!!! I can stretch my relaxer 4+ months because this comb makes it easy to detangle & I use it on a daily basis also. The best thing is there are not tangles, knots or static. I ordered here at hot combs and I received it quickly. If you are considering this comb you won’t be disappointed!

  16. Diamond

    I was lucky to see a video on youtube with a girl using this comb. I search for months trying to find this comb. I eventually got lucky with my search and found your website. Let me just say the search for the very best comb is over. I found it.Thank you hot combs 🙂

  17. Alicia

    I have been reading reviews about this comb on forums and could never bring myself to buying this comb. I just finally looked at all the cheap combs I have bought that are broken and pull and snap my hair and said ” I’m finally going to order this comb.” Very fast shipping. Tried the comb on my 4b hair- This comb is awesome! Glides through hair without breaking hair-wet or dry. Worth the money- and it saves lots of time detangling.

  18. lsj

    why oh why did it take so very long for me to realize the truth…the terrible truth about combs with seams and just cheap combs? when i think of all the mid-strand splits and setbacks that could have been avoided! well, better late that never – this comb is amazing. makes detangling so much easier – love it. thanks LHCF!

  19. Anonymous

    I actually enjoy using this comb to detangle. My hair was easy to detangle and I had a smooth finish!

  20. Emma

    This is by far the best comb or detangling tool I have ever used. I’ve used a regular wide tooth comb with seams which caused mid-shaft splits and single strand knots, the Denman (regular and modified) that ripped my hair and left me with a sore scalp, and a paddle brush that broke my hair off at the ends. And all of took out so much hair. The jumbo rake glided through my hair when I put in conditioner and took only the shed hair with it. This is the only tool besides my sneakers that I will EVER use in my hair again.

  21. Fatu

    This comb transformed my detangling sessions. I will never comb my hair with a comb with seams again
    I was very pleased with how fast I received my comb.

  22. Anonymous

    This rake does a great for detangling my 4a/b type hair. I put conditioner on and this comb just glides right through.

  23. Sharon Johnson

    This is one of the best investments I have ever made for my hair. I will NEVER be without one! It glides through my 3c, 4a African-American hair like Butter. Better than finger detangling and quicker! Love, love, love it.

  24. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this comb. It detangles my hair with ease and I’ve noticed less breakage

  25. Ms Nina

    I have 4b type hair, and had been experiencing serious breakage due to over processing my hair needless to say my wide tooth shower comb did nothing to alleviate the problem. After watching hair a blog on Youtube, (All Combs are NOT created equal! Hercules-Sagemann Review) the reviewer gave information on the Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb by Hercules Sagemann. The information provided made perfect sense. I inspected my comb and it did indeed have seams and my hair was getting caught and breaking from the seams. I went to the site, read the information on the 3 comb method and I immediately ordered 2 of the larger combs mentioned . I must say it was 2 of the best purchases I’ve made for my healthy hair journey. The Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb gently detangles my hair with out catching any hair in the comb. After detangling I use the S1975 Styling Comb and it goes thru my hair effortlessly, smoothing my hair even more. I plan on purchasing the HS6450 Tail Comb to complete the 3 Comb Smooth method. I love these combs. I don’t leave the house without one of the 2 in my purse. I’ll never purchase or use another inferior comb from any where else again.

    Youtube Review

  26. Anonymous

    This rake is great for detangling my kinky coily hair. I love it!!! Will be purchasing another one soon.

  27. Bronxgirl

    This comb is great!!! It detangles my hair with ease. I used it in wet and dry hair and it just glides thru. Will be purchasing the smaller verison also!!!!

  28. Mireille

    This is the first time I’ve worn my hair in it’s natural state, chemically free since I was 10. I never knew my hair was so curly. This comb is a life saver. It literally glides thru many curls without pain or pulling my hair out. I will never be without it.

  29. T-Nik

    This wide tooth comb is a Godsend! I have substantially decreased breakage and combing through new growth is a breeze! I am so glad I paid the extra money (compared to other combs). It has been totally worth it!

  30. Shawnie

    This is great tool and any woman with thick hair should have this comb. For me, it doubles as a shower comb to distribute conditioner and a detangler. I am very pleased with my purchase and only wish I would have bought it sooner.

  31. Petty

    Especially great for curly hair, I recommend this product to everyone.

  32. NL

    I use the 3 comb method to detangle my curly/kinky hair, using the Jumbo Rake first. It’s great for getting started and makes steps 2 and 3 easier. Plus I don’t lose as much hair as I used to. Although these combs are pricier than others, they are so worth it for the amount of hair that I am NOT losing. And, I actually look forward to combing my hair now, am trying new styles, and feel better again about my natural hair.

  33. T from ATL

    This is a great comb. I previously purchased a much small version of this comb and it was not wide enough to go throuh my hair with large sections. This Jumbo Rake does a great job with wide and long sections of hair while detangling. I use this comb to do a basic detange session while my hair is covered in conditioner. I have natural kinky, coily hair and this comb glides through. The only time I have had a little snag is when I had a knot in my hair. But I simply stop comb, detangle the knot with my fingers, then continue my combing session. Overall this is a great comb, especially for thick or long hair.

  34. Anonymous

    This comb really does stand up to it’s claim. Especially for those of us who have kinky, coily,and tight hair!!! 🙂

  35. Anonymous

    It’s a great product. I thought the teeth would be longer and wider. Don’t expect any miracles make sure to use a condtioner with a lot of slip. Less hair come out when you use this product to detangle.

  36. Jennifer Harvey

    This comb is fantastic!!! It just glides through my hair with no tearing whatsoever. I bought this along with the other two combs to use for the three-comb detangling method, but now I realize I don’t need to use them as much as the rake detangles perfectly.

  37. mia

    i love this rake it detangles my hair nice and easy without snagging and pulling my hair.

  38. Sophie

    Great comb for detangling wet hair! Little to no breakage, and it takes hardly any time because it’s so huge! I use it when my hair is still wet with conditioner before I go onto to the next phase of the 3 comb smooth.

  39. Amber W.

    I have naturally curly hair.I purchased this because I needed a better detangler for my hair that wouldn’t split it along the way. This was it!

  40. Christina

    I first heard @ this product from EbonyCPrincess I absolutely love this comb to detangle. I have 4a/4b relaxed hair & I’m transitioning to texlaxed. This comb glides through both textures and I’m able to detangle effortlessly w/o loosing a handful of hair. It’s unbelievable that a seamless comb would make such a difference. I can detaingle on wet hair and loose 2-3 strands. Love it! It’s the 1st step in my 3 comb method.

  41. Anonymous

    This product is amazing, I purchased it to help with detangling my wet & towel dried thick mbl relaxed hair. It glides through my hair like no comb ever has. I can be 8 weeks post and it smoothes out my new growth and does not snag my previously processed hair. Other combs have grooves which wear over time – the seamless comb, allows for an easy pass through my hair section by section. The amount of hair loss during detangling has greatly diminished, and I can feel confident when I’m detangling, that I am not causing damage. This product is well manufactured, took less than a week to get to me, and was nicely packaged. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for ease in detangling. I did not purchase the other 2 combs in the 3comb process because I do not like a lot of manipulation of my hair since I only detangle on wash days and finger comb on others. A little time and care will get all the knots out with this jumbo rake.

    The teeth are flat and smooth at the bottom, the handle has a nice wide grip, it truly is seamless, and I just love it!

    Also I don’t want to knock cheaper combs because we all choose to put our money in different places, but if you are emotionally connected to your hair as I am, whether it long short, curly, kinky, straight, putting the extra dollars here will pay off… Just wait for that sale on the other products you spend on.

    I did notice it does have a polymer scent at times (reminds me of chem class)… but thats clearly because its made out of hard rubber. So don’t be turned off.

  42. T. Hutch

    I got to say this has turned into my favorite comb. It easily combs through and detangles my hair when i use it. I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

  43. Grace (United Kingdom)

    I bought this comb earlier on this year. I was really impressed. The teeth are flat and smooth at the bottom, the handle has a nice wide grip, it truly is seamless. Great comb for de tangling. Less hair loss. My daughter used it and was also impressed as she has really thick hair. She asked me to order one for her. (I ordered two more) The other one will be a present for my sister.

  44. Flo Evans

    I haven’t had a chance to use this comb yet due the length of my hair so I let my daughter use it. She has thick 4c/3a hair and she told me that she loved this comb. I can tell you that the comb is a quality made comb and made to last for years. I will definitely be ordering from this company again.

  45. Emelyne

    I already own the styling comb from this company and that’s what I mainly use for detangling but on the rare chance that I find a big knot, this comb is the very best tool. I mostly use it as a seamless afro pick or as a head-scratcher but it is also great for a quick detangle when I’m being lazy. Excellent for fine strands and kinky hair.

  46. Joann

    I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how pleased I am with your rake combs that I recently purchased. For my fine, thin, straight hair and my daughter’s kinky, tangly hair, it is by far the best comb we’ve used. My shedding has cut back drastically in a short time and my scalp isn’t dry and itchy anymore. This comb glides through my daughter’s tangly hair like magic. I’ve been telling my friends about these rake combs. (The mini is my favorite but they are both superior to all other rakes and detanglers I’ve spent my hard earned money on.) Thank you very much for these phenomenal products!

  47. curlyque

    I have been hearing for years that these combs were the best but they are so expensive. My hair was really combing out during detangling so I bit the bullet and bought the comb. Just used it for the first time. It really is much better than the other combs I have. I lost about 50% less hair and it wasn’t as much work. I will probably buy another just to have a spare.

  48. Courts

    The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is the best comb. I’ve had one of these combs for years and I love it. I just bought a few as Christmas presents. I have really coarse, thick hair and it is perfect for it. Plus, the design is really nice – the comb is easy to hold as opposed to a “pick.” All in all, a great purchase.

  49. Shakyila Cephus

    Honestly, the best detangler for natural hair on the market!!! So hard to find but here it is ladies! Highly Recommended!

  50. Angela

    I like all my combs and cap! One of my best purchases.

  51. Lacey

    Glides through my textured African-American hair with ease! I love it!

  52. Dawn

    The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is the best comb. I have natural kinky, hair and this comb glides through, I am so impressed by this comb.Overall this is a great comb, especially for thick or long hair.

  53. Samantha

    I was so excited to receive this comb after placing an order for it and my high expectation had me a little nervous because I was worried the comb wouldn’t live up to the hype. I was pleasantly surprised when it managed to surpass my expectations! This comb is great and I highly recommend it to anyone with thick tight curls like mine. This comb glides through my hair with little effort and I don’t lose as much hairs as I would with traditionally made seamed combs. The price seems outragious but you won’t regret it once you start using it. 5 stars for sure!

  54. Anonymous

    So smooth and gentle on hair! Perfect detangling and distributing conditioner. Way less shedding–you’ll be amazed at the difference.

  55. Tyna

    I love my Comb! There are no seams To snag my hair. It’s a very large for detangling. It works well for me all and all. I’m very happy with it :^D

  56. Pam

    I first bought the magic star jumbo rake 25 years ago. It has been my favorite since then….but on a recent trip the rake was packed in my luggage and wouldn’t you know it… It was broken when I got home (as if we need another reason to be annoyed with airlines). I searched the internet trying to find this exact comb and was ecstatic when I found it! This is the best detangling comb ever! I was so happy that I bought two more…. that should be a lifetime supply!

  57. Prisci

    I have very kinky, coily 4b/c hair. Now that it is bra-strap length, detangling even with my regular wide tooth comb was a nightmare because of all the hair I lost. I saw a youtube vid by a long haired natural and saw how little hair she lost at a time. I was also convinced by the reviews left on here to make my purchase. I lost about half the amount of hair I usually lose. I am very happy 🙂

  58. Dorys

    I absolutely love this comb. I have always used a wide tooth comb with no seams on my thick hair I would lose a lot hair I thought my hair was just shedding but after using this comb I’m losing very little hair most of the time none at all.

  59. MeeMee

    Congratulations! This is the first time that I’ve decided to take the time out of my very busy schedule to review a product. The Rake Comb is the best invention for hair if you are serious about growing healthy hair and retaining length. Since purchasing and using this product, I have had no shedding or thinning of my hair; I actually enjoy combing my hair. I have repurchased for gifting!

  60. KM

    I am able to comb through my hair with ease.
    Because, of this product I have purchased two more combs. Thank you for making a quality product.

  61. Anonymous

    I’m very glad I made the decision to purchase this rake/comb. It’s done a completely better job at detangling my hair than the plastic jumbo combs. Very satisfied customer so far!!!

  62. LoloBryant

    Perfect for curly thick hair. I love this comb. Detangleing my hair in the shower was so quick. I’m going to get a second comb just in case. I threw out my other combs. Save your hair and your time. Perfect for doing childrens hair.


    I bought this comb after watching a few youtubers use it. I have African American natural textured hair. My hair is tight spiral curls. It’s shoulder length when wet. This comb is very large. I find it too big for detangling my tight curls BUT perfect for straight styles or wanting to comb through a roller set. It feels great on the scalp and is truly seamless. I’ve lost fewer strands too! Im about to order one a bit smaller 🙂

  64. Anonymous

    Really happy I had decided to purchase this comb as I do notice less breakage and snags when using it. It glides thru my kinky hair nicely making detangling really easy. It’s lightweight and seamless, and well designed.

  65. Jan

    Although the comb was smaller than i expect, I really do like it. I’ve seen pictures of it before on You tube channels, but I guess the fact that I thought it was much bigger was must my personal perception.(I’m used to seeing very big combs)so somehow I thought it was much bigger, I don’t really use combs for my hair, I use my fingers to detangle since my hair is extremely thick, that way I lose less hair, but I have no problems whatsoever with this product. I wasn’t disappointed – Of course we must remember that each person’s experience varies.

  66. Anonymous

    I found this comb to do a very good job of detangling my hair. I found it to be much faster and more efficient than finger combing with just as much care as my own digits would give my strands. So far this has been an excellent purchase and addition to my hair care arsenal. Well worth the money!

  67. Anonymous

    I wish I had known about this Magic Star Comb years ago. It is the BEST hair purchase that I have made in quite some time. I will continue to pass the word along to all of my friends as well as strangers that ask me about the type of comb I use on my hair. I will share the website address for hot combs and their excellent products for hair.

  68. [email protected]

    I bought the curved rake, which I love for my layer. However, since I’m transitioning this comb is the most amazing for easily getting through my natural hair that I’m new to working with. The Rake makes it easy and doesn’t brake my hair, I don’t hear snaps. It actually glides through with conditioner.

    I’m so excited and pleased with this purchase. Actually, I love love my combs from this company!

  69. Elisha

    These combs are great. I am African American with thick curly natural hair. My hair is shoulder length with shrinkage and arm pit length when stretched. My curls dont need any extra snagging from regular combs. These combs are sturdy and feel great. I also have the contour comb. I find that comb better for detangling my hair and my twins’ hair as well. This comb is VERY big and I use it to comb through stretched curls. Money well spent!

  70. JAA

    The first thing I noticed about the comb is that it is heavier than combs that I have used before, which is a good thing; I have natural African American hair. It is great for detangling. I always knew that seamed combs were not good for my hair, in the past I would file down the rough edges in the seams. I wanted a seamless comb but didn’t know they existed until I came across a video on YouTube.

    I plan to buy two more combs to complete my three comb smoothing.

  71. villi

    I ordered the comb after hearing about it on Youtube. I use it on my extra thick natural hair. It’s the first comb I’ve used that lets me completely detangle in the shower with ease. I love it & it’s great for dry & wet hair. I’ve noticed less hair loss.

  72. Nicole

    The rake is great! It’s so gentle that I feel like I’m finger-combing my hair.

  73. Abeauty

    I think its the best buy in the 3comb smooth that I bought. AM I Wowed. No! yes I would recommend

  74. Angela

    Cuts through my hair like butter. No snags and leaves my curls not just more defined, but defined period.An

  75. Anonymous

    My 9 month old daughter has a huge amount of hair and it is very thick and curly, this comb is amazing at combing through with minimal discomfort and breakages to her hair.

  76. Anonymous

    Upon opening the package the first thing you will notice is a strong odor. After soaking and washing the comb, the odor disappeared. Immediately, I noticed the difference between the combs I had been using and the new one. My hair is thick, curly, and tangles easily. There was a lot less shedding and my hair stayed detangled. In addition, the comb glided easily through my hair. Sometimes you have to pay a little extra for a quality product and this comb is definitely worth the price. I will be purchasing more in the future and recommending this to others.

  77. LadyMagicDay

    I thought that I knew wide til this bad girl! This extra-wide comb really does the job on my 2c waist-length hair w/less effort, time & breakage. Also relaxing to my hand & wrist, & sturdy. The only risk is becoming complacent w/ the ease & gradually being less careful. Of course, care must still be taken since any seamless comb can intentionally be made to perform poorly. “Magic” is part of the name, but be fair. This comb is worth the extra expense. Just wish it came in say, tortoiseshell or a pearly color. Black is industrial for ladies. But I can live w/it since performance is the priority. Also, Hotcombs customer service is great, shipping time & packaging were good. Thx!

  78. Regina

    I used this comb to detangle my daughter’s 4b texturized hair and the outcome was flawless. Less breakage, I can comb thru her hair thoroughly. It seemed with the detangle combs, I had to use her regular leave in and a detangler with small sections just to detangle. Now I can X out the detangler spray. This comb helps alot!!

  79. Chloe

    This comb is amazing! I used it for the first time on Sunday to detangle after having my hair in a loose pin-up style for a week. I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hair that came out. I have natural coily hair.

  80. Anonymous

    enough said…

  81. Anonymous

    no hair loss or breakage from comb use

  82. Anonymous

    the best wide-tooth comb I’ve ever used.

    I’ll definitely be back for the HS703WW Styling Comb 🙂

  83. lnedykstra

    I bought this comb to replace my Jilbere shower comb. I was looking for a seamless comb and was led to this one!

    I have relaxed hair and it glides through with great ease (even when my hair is a bit tangled). There is very little hair in the comb.

    I highly recommend this!!!!!!!!!

  84. MGG

    My hair comes in perfectly small tight curls and I have a lot of it, so it’s very thick. With this wide-toothed comb as well as the other two combs in their 3Comb System did the best job detangling my hair. This comb is so good I’ll never use another brand. It’s worth the money since it’s very strong and durable. That’s important since I’ve broken several of the cheap combs you can buy at places like Walgreens and CVS.

  85. Ericka H

    I purchased this comb in May of 2013 and wanted to make sure I really put it thru the paces before I reviewed it. I have crazy thick, 3c/4a bra strap length hair and this comb detangles with no problem. It feels great in your hand and the teeth feel sturdy without feeling like they are fighting your strands. I’m back to buy another one and purchase 2 more combs for the “3 comb” method.

  86. MyW

    I have had this comb about a month now. I never realized how much a difference seamless combs make. It is great! I think my hair will continue to be healthier after I get my next trim. Waist length here I come!

  87. Kustom Phitted

    I have only used this comb twice but, I am pleasantly surprised with the way my hair was handled. Prior to using this comb I used regular old combs that smaller, pulled, and grabbed my hair when combing it. I used this comb on my hair after it was semi-protective styled for one week and it was like raking my fingers through my hair which was awesome. Once you get past the price point and look at it as in investment for your beautiful hair you will love it.

  88. LDH

    I have been using this comb for 3 months now and I love it. This comb is great for detangling and styling. I have long hair and this comb works great for me. I also have the Lady Star comb and it works great for me as well.

  89. Anonymous

    I love using this comb! It just makes things so much easier! I have 4b/c hair. Very kinky. I use this comb 1st and then the hw696 and then my Denman brush. Talk about amazing. I’ve noticed a drastic reduction in the amount hair loss in the shower! This baby gets 5 starts from me!

  90. Chrissy

    I bought this comb after growing frustrated with my wide toothed combs that kept pulling out way more hair than they should and reading rave reviews by other people who have used this comb. Though I was initially skeptical of how well this comb would measure up, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed after using it. It can comb through parts of my hair that my other combs would not dare make it through. I must add that a good hair pick works really well in conjunction with this comb. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I feel the price could be a little cheaper. Other than that, no complaints.

  91. Anonymous

    This is the best wide tooth comb/jumbo rake. It’s a lot more gentler on my 4b/4c, afro textured, kinky hair and detangles it pretty well. Especially large sections of hair. The price of this comb is definitely worth it seeing as how I have basically given or thrown away my old combs. This comb paired with the Magic Lady Star are the only styling/detangling tools I keep and use.

  92. dvideau

    To my fellow natural / transitioning ladies, this “Magic Star Jumbo Rake” comb rocks! No hair breakage…no line of demarcation breakage (where virgin non-relaxed roots meet old relaxed ends…zero hair breakage!!! I thought my wide tooth comb was good until I received this comb and did a side-by-side comb test…no other wide tooth comb beats this comb! I have 4a/b/c hair. The seamless, hand-sewn, hand-cut, and hand-polished teeth prevent snagging of hair. No strands of hair remain in my Magic Star Jumbo Rake (unlike the handful of hair which remained in my previous wide-tooth comb). I wish I had known about this comb at the beginning of my chemical-free / heat-free journey. I had to cut so much of my hair in the past to make it all even after my previous so-called wide tooth comb “ate” my hair. I plan on purchasing a second one to keep in a safe place in the event that I lose this comb. This comb is AMAZNG and worth every penny!

  93. Anonymous

    I love this comb and it is great for my afro textured hair.

  94. Anonymous

    I’m transitioning from permed hair to natural. This comb is a wonderful tool. I didn’t have much breakage before but now the hairs in my comb are minimal if at all. This is exactly what I needed.

  95. JayCurl

    I have very thick naturally curly hair. This comb glides through my hair like no other wide I have ever used. I can now comb my hair through after adding product to it, it’s like using my own hand to comb it, really helps to define my beautiful curls too!

  96. Khaled abdel Moniem

    My mum has been using this com for more than 10 years, regretfully it was lost.

    Tried to find it in Dubai or Rome, but i couldn’t find it.

    so i bought it from hot combs

  97. Anonymous

    I absolutely cannot live without my rake! I want one for everyone I know, but until I have enough for my office shower, gym locker and each shower at home.

  98. Anonymous

    I was looking for a wide tooth seamless comb that wouldn’t snag my fine relaxed hair. This comb is excellent and I see very little breakage. I’m very happy they I purchased this comb.

  99. Michelle

    It was definitely the missing step in the 3 step detangling process. And I definitely feel it is far better than any other regular wide tooth comb. Now I have 3 different combs all bought on this site and all hercules sageman (sorry sp. Now all I think I need is maybe a denman brush..

    09/16/13 Thank you Michelle for writing such a wonderful review. Since you are considering a brush for your hair care regimen, we highly recommend our HS9248 or HS9249. The polyamide pins are generously spaced to accommodate various hair textures without snagging or stressing the hair strands. The pins will allow your hair strands enough “room” to detangle without causing them to gather tightly between the plastic pins of a Denman brush.

  100. 56458842

    Works well with detangling of thick curly hair.

  101. Anonymous

    I have been using this comb for a week, Ever since I received it, I have lost practically no hair while using it,oh my gosh, wish I would have found it years ago.

  102. Denise

    OMG!!! I wish these Combs & Brushes had been available when I was a Child; and when I was raising My daughters, combing their LONG Curly hair!
    I purchased 3 combs; and 2 brushes; and I Am totally pleased with all of them.
    I took them along; and had My Beautician use them on My hair.
    The Magic Rake just Glided through my hair; as well as the Detangling Brush.
    The LEAST hair that has EVER, been in a comb after My hair was washed.
    I Am truly AMAZED; and will purchase more soon.
    Thanks A Million; and Perpetual Success with Bountiful Blessings to All of You at Hot Combs!

  103. Che

    After seeing so many great reviews on this comb i decided to get it. It lived up to the hype and I love it. It glides through my wet or dry hair and this is noticeably less breakages.

  104. Yolanda

    This comb is best for any type of hair.
    It flows easily through your hair without
    any breakage! Love it!

  105. Marlene

    I absolutely love this comb! I have densely packed 3c hair and detangling has been chore. I’ve used the denman brush in the past but was noticing I was losing a lot of hair on wash day. That’s no longer an issue for me. I detangle in the shower under the running water. I’ve also been able to change my conditioner to a more natural ingredient type because I don’t have to use a whole lot just to create good slip.

  106. Anonymous

    This comb is awesome. There was alot of hype online in the natural hair community about this comb and it definitely lived up to it. When detangling I have noticed way less shedding than before and have noticed less snagging. No doubt about it, I will always use these combs from here on out.

  107. Nat

    I love this comb. It’s very big and glides through my hair. I have very soft curly hair and this comb helps me to avoid a lot of hair shed. I wish I had bought the big and small comb in the set I would love to have the small comb also.

  108. Caren

    I was very apprehensive about purchasing such a costly comb however, with one use could see the difference with regards to the minimal shed of hair. I truly believe that with the use of this comb I will definitely be able to achieve retention and hair growth. I also purchased the contour comb for the 3Comb Smooth method.

  109. Anonymous

    I’ve experienced extensive hair shedding and have searched for a detangling comb. I came across the Jumbo Rake Comb on You Tube and the reviews were positive. I have had minimal shedding since I started using the comb. It is wonderful. I have recommended it to friends and just purchased one for my niece who has natural hair

  110. Simone Moore

    Wow !!! This comb is awesome. Made detangling my hair a breeze. I’m very pleased with this purchase! Gonna get one for my aunt too.

  111. Anonymous

    I totally love this comb. It makes detangling my kinky hair a breeze! I was able to detangle my hair in half the time with a minimal amount of shedding. I’m going to get a smaller version for my daughter’s hair!

  112. Anonymous


  113. Alison

    I have several other Hercules Sagemann combs but decided to get the jumbo rake now that my afro has grown a bit. It was a great decision! The rake goes through my thick hair with ease and doesn’t break or weaken the hair strands. It makes combing and styling a breeze. I recommend it highly!

  114. Natasha Richardson

    ….Ok, let me start off by saying that this is the BEST comb I have ever purchased…EVER! I am an African American with natural afro-textured hair and this comb makes detangling such a breeze for me. I highly recommend this comb to anyone with highly textured kinky curly hair. I am so in love with this comb. The price is well worth it. I think I might purchase the other set of combs by Hercules Sagemann.

  115. naomi

    First off the comb is exactly what it is described I used to have a lot of hair breakage from my old seam combs and would comb my hair gently but couldn’t understand why I was losing so much hair so I ran across this product on YouTube and seen the difference between a seam and a seamless comb and was sold it combs my natural curly hair with no tangles and it’s smooth when I wash it and detangle it. I will never go bck to seam combs I will purchase two more combs and a brush. The comb is pricey compared to regular combs but if your a natural or relax and are tired of losing hair from your combs this is a comb you should buy

  116. Alyce

    I hesitated to buy this comb because of the price, and put it off for some time. But it has not disappointed me. It makes combing out my hair a joy. See my complete review here:

  117. Anonymous

    After reading quite a bit about this sought after comb online, I made a purchase of not one but two, to give as a girt to my daughter-in-law. I really appreciate the ease of detangling that I could not even get with finger combing my natural hair. It is a time saver & a life saver!

  118. Elizabeth

    I DREAD detangling my natural hair. The jumbo rake is great. I mist my hair and use the rake to detangle before washing, the rake glides through my coils & twists. When I use the rake after washing, while my deep conditioner is still in my hair, it’s so much easier than my other traditional wide toothed comb. With the before and after detangling, I have very little hair breakage. Don’t delay, get the rake. Elizabeth, Fort Worth, TX.

  119. K

    At first I was a bit dismayed by the rough feel of the spaces between the teeth. Where a normal comb would have seams, this comb has a filed down surface which when I first got it felt so rough that I thought it would pull my hair out (preventing that is the whole point of the seamless comb). It does NOT pull out excess hair, and with repeated use and cleaning (with an old soft toothbrush and shampoo or soap) those rough edges feel a lot softer. The comb is fabulous for my hair (4A-4B, I think) type. When I detangle during and after washing my hair, I find only a few hairs in the comb. I’m taking off 1 star for the price, which has just gone up! Otherwise, great comb.

  120. val

    This comb is wonderful. It gently removes tangles so that more of my hair stays on my head. Washing my and my daughter’s hair is no longer such a daunting chore. I’m glad I bought this comb. It’s a worthy investment.

  121. Anonymous

    I had my first Magic Star Jumbo Rake for 5 years. It is an excellent detangling tool for my 4b/4c hair and has survived many shower falls. A couple of weeks ago, I dropped it again and the first tooth broke. In order to avoid snags, I purchased a new one. It is worth every penny.

  122. Jessica

    I love this comb. It doesn’t pull or snag my thick natural hair.

  123. Jenny

    I like the comb good quality. I never had an expensive comb all my life but I’m so happy that I purchased this comb however I live in Canada I think it took a little so long for the shipping other than that I love love it. would recommend this comb to my friends.

  124. Rena’

    This is the best thing since sliced bread. I loose 90% less hair when washing. Ordering 2 more different ones before sale ends.

  125. Mar

    As expected, the comb was very good quality. Large enough to gently detangle with enough give so that it doesn’t feel as though it’s ripping out my hair. I have very very fine strands and though the insides of the teeth aren’t as smooth as the outside (also as expected) there is no trouble with snags or snapping like with my beauty store rake comb.

    I also want to give the customer service representatives 5 out of 5. They were very helpful and very courteous when I sent question after question.

  126. Jim

    Was looking for something to rake out my beard. Saw the reviews on Youtube and gave it a shot. Works perfectly. Doesn’t snag at all.

  127. Anonymous

    Less hairs shed with this comb. I really like it.

  128. M. Miller

    All I can say is WoW. I detangled my natural type 4 hair with this comb, and I got so much less shedding, I was truly amazed! I would absolutely recommend this comb to anyone with natural hair. And I would buy it again.

  129. Denise

    I’ve purchased my comb a few months ago and just purchased one for my mother. I noticed that my hair hasn’t be braking off so much and I just need to comb it through a few times and that is it.

  130. LaJoyce

    The Jumbo Rake Comb is wonderful. I have 4C hair and I tell you it really gets in there and does the job without ripping my hair out. I’ll never use anything else. It was well worth the money. Delivery was fast too.

  131. stephanie

    This comb makes detangling my 4b much easier and faster. The handle of the comb has a comfortable grip which helps my hands not get so tired.

  132. Ashley

    Has made my hair look nicer and I have noticed less shedding and breakage and I have SUPER kinky hair. It is much easier to detangle my hair with this comb. The comb is really sturdy and worth the price and HotCombs responds quickly when you have questions or problems. I’m planning to order another this week.

  133. Anonymous

    I just transitioned to natural hair from having perms all my life. I love this product as it is very gentle on the hair.

  134. Profwood1

    I love this comb ! It’s fantastic for de tangling my fine 4ab hair. never causes breakage or scalp scratches. perfect in every way. I own TWO regular & TWO curved ones

  135. Anonymous

    I am updating my review because Customer Service reached out to me to discuss the problem I had in reaching them, and in doing so discussed in length with me the miscommunication, as well as the questions I had with the combs.

    Additionally, the Magic Star Jumbo Rake, wide tooth comb definitely is a good first choice detangle comb. I use it after my deep condition and leave in condition to make sure the product is evenly distributed throughout my hair before using the HS1975 Styling Comb.

    The representative that I spoke with, Tasha, was knowledgeable about the combs.

  136. Anonymous

    I’m just mad I waited so long to buy these combs

  137. Acacia McAlister

    I practice finger detangling so I don’t use combs on a regular basis, but for times I do need a comb, these are the only combs I’ll use. For natural hair types they’re a must. You’ll retain more length because you’ll be losing a lot less hair. Trust me, I was hesitant to pay so much for a comb but they really are worth it.

  138. B.

    These combs are wonderful! They are sturdy and reliable. This is the first time I have ever purchased a comb that detangles so smoothly. I use the comb and do not worry about unnecessary breakage or losing teeth. I recommend this product even though it is expensive, it is worth every penny.

  139. connie

    Initially I was hesitate about purchasing this comb; thought it way too much money to spend on a comb. After hee-hawing, I finally made the purchase and must say I am highly impressed with this jumbo rake comb. The comb has a quality good feel to it and lives up to its claim. I love looking in the mirror and watching it separate my strands and gently glide through the hair. Excellent comb.

  140. sylvia

    I know everyone says this, but, wow what a difference a comb makes. I will never buy another comb from a ground retailer, pure trash.

  141. Erica

    I like it! Detangling my 4c natural hair is a breeze with this awesome wide toothed comb!

  142. Henry

    Bought it for my friend; an ex-hair dresser that demands the Best. Cost $35 Canadian w shipping’. She got thick hair down to her butt’.
    Delighted; – J.R>

  143. Monica

    The comb made detangling my hair much easier and faster. I had a lot of breakage because I wasn’t patient with detangling. I wear wash-n-go’s mainly so my hair gets really tangled. Using conditioner and oil, this comb REALLY worked well. I only need a few passes with the comb on each section. My only issue is that it’s a bit large. Maybe I should have gotten the junior one instead.

  144. Sharon

    I’m very satisfied with the jumbo rake. I’m noticing less hair in my comb after detangling. I’m going to take this comb to my beautician to use while she is detangling my hair. Hopefully I can convince her and eventually the salon to order them.

  145. Cynnione

    This comb is fantastic for detangling my hair after I wash and conditioned it. It’s light -weight yet sturdy. It doesn’t rip your hair. It’s really good for my hair. I recommend this comb to you all!!! The Best Comb ever!!!!!!!!

  146. Ms. Prince

    This is my second comb. It is definitely worth the cost if you want quality. I recommend it to all.

  147. Collette

    I bought a comb 2 years ago and in a moment of motherly generosity gave it to my daughter whose hair was much, much, much longer and thick than mine; I really hated the fact that she lost so much hair when combing because other wide-toothed comb’s teeth were thicker in diameter and also had very pronounced seams that snagged her hair. So to replace my gift, I bought a comb from Ricky’s that although handmade had a seam that snagged my hair and the teeth were shorter than the 3Comb extra wide teeth. I recently both two Magic Rake, $40 but absolutely worth it as now I’m combing, not losing strands with a better detangle than fingercombing would. I keep one in my bedroom and one in the bathroom. Yes, I’m happy they’re one of the best $40 purchases I have made.

  148. Anonymous

    Makes detangle sessions a little easier.

  149. Jeannine G.

    I had never heard of seamless combs until I did some research about transitioning to natural hair. I ordered this comb after I saw a video reiview of it on YouTube. I ordered it despite my reservations regarding the necessity of a seamless comb. I’m 9 weeks into my transition and I was concerned about breakage at the line of demarcation where the relaxed hair and new growth meet. This comb exceeds my expectations. This comb glides through my two hair textures very easily with much less hair loss than I was expecting! The Magic Rake will definitely remain a staple in my hair care routine.

  150. Andrea

    Coily queens rock suggested this comb … this comb is AWESOME! What a seamless comb does for this hair of mine – – PRICELESS. Love it!

  151. Anonymous

    This is the best comb! Really aids in detangling long thick hair without excess breakage. Very sturdy composition I’ll never use a drug store comb again!

  152. Tami

    I love this combs ease of use when going thru my hair with minimal breakage.

  153. Anonymous

    It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve purchased this comb and I can already see the huge difference it is making on my hair. Formost, the detangling process is so much more easy. No more snages and ripping of my hair. Also, the time I spend detangling has diminished significantly. I am super satisfied with this item and would definitely recommend. Additionally, Shipping was fast and I received my item in no time. I look forward to purchasing another item very soon.

  154. Tiffany

    Although my hair sheds a lot and I am experiencing protein over load, I didn’t see that much hair breakage on the comb. Hopefully once I get my hair back healthy, I’ll continue to see even lesser hair breakage.

  155. Darlene

    I use this comb to detangle my hair which is thick and has tiny curls (4A/4B/4C hair textures). I even took the comb to my beautician so could use it when detangling my hair. I use the comb to minimized split ends due to the combs having no ridges in between each pick. I only use Hercules and Magic Star combs on my since 2014, I own 5 of these combs. They are well worth the price to eliminate hair splitting and thinning.

  156. Anonymous

    I love this comb! Change is good. I ordered this comb because I heard seamless was better. I must say I have noticed a huge difference in detangling and the amount of hair in my comb after detangling. It detangles easier & less hair in the comb when I’m done. Shipping was very quick.

  157. Tirangue

    Good comb. Worth the price

  158. naturalbeautyandbeyond

    I bought this comb a while ago after watching a YouTube video on it. Long story short, I love the comb. Less of my hair comes out of it and that’s a miracle because sometimes I wait two weeks before combing my hair. It’s a huge comb and exactly what I needed for my hair.

  159. B

    This comb was really expensive but after using it for the third time last night I see why the price tag is so hefty. You can tell it’s a quality comb while you’re using it. It effortlessly glides through your hair. I’ve used it on dry hair saturated with coconut oil and I’ve used it to distribute products through my wet hair and it really works wonders! It has also helped to make my twist-outs more sleek and defined because it works through all the knots and tangles in my hair. Also, most of the hair that came off my head while using this comb had white bulbs on the end which makes me really happy because it means I had minimum breakage using this tool. If this comb lasts me for a few years then I am a very happy customer!!!


    I have shoulder length thick curly hair that I can ‘ringlet’ when wet (so when it dries it takes up less room). Up until recently I’d only ever used an Afro comb in the shower once a week when washing my hair as found it too difficult to get a brush through my hair when dry. However 6 weeks ago (thanks to my hairdresser) I decided to try the ‘all natural’ approach ie no more shampoo, conditioner, sculpting gel to de-frizz etc – no products of any kind (best decision ever! – No more frizz on rainy days, and hair feels amazing).

    Consequently I started out intending to just buy a bristle brush to use to distribute the natural hair oils before showering, then I found this website and thanks to the reviews I also bought a range of brushes and combs. Bought the HS2676 Matador Pick to replace my Afro comb and added the Magic Star Jumbo Rake to the list in case the Matador was too small (it wasn’t). For my hair routine now (detangling hair when dry, then bristle brush before showering, afro comb in shower, leaving hair to dry naturally) I probably didn’t need to buy this comb but it’s a good addition because it’s nice to use combing through wet hair down to the scalp and the handle make it easier to manoeuvre round the head.

  161. Mae

    I immediately noticed the difference between this comb and a regular comb. It glided smoothly and I didn’t get the feeling of roughness. Had I not used this comb, I would have had no idea about the difference. …really glad I bought even though it is a lot more expensive than a regular comb, but it’s worth it. I have 4a-b hair which is fragile, so breaks easily. This is the right comb for me.

  162. Anonymous

    This comb ain’t cheap and yes, it’s big as all get out…but it works. Once you get the hang of handling it, it really does minimize breakage and makes detangling easier. On top of it all, I had a issue with delivery but hotCombs customer service was amazing!

  163. Anonymous

    Excellent for detangling and curl styles. The comb is sturdy & worth the cost

  164. Jocelyn Ephraim

    I’m pleased with this purchase. It came quick from the company and also from the shipper. It really works well on my tightly coiled hair.

  165. Bobby

    This comb has definitely put a few (not all) of my wide tooth combs out of commission. There was a huge difference in breakage and shedding. It is very light (I have to get use to that). I found it easier for me to used on moist/damp hair (not an ideal shower combs for me). It is pricey but is does minimize breakage and shedding. I have afro textured hair (4b/c). I don’t think I would do the whole 3comb system thing but I would definitely recommend this one.

  166. Lynn

    Great comb for detangling hair! I’ve bought so many over the years and this one does the best job.

  167. N/A

    I’ve been searching for a comb that would detangling my 4c hair without a lot of hassle and pain. I found that in the Magic Star jumbo rake. I’m thinking about purchasing it’s little sister the mini rake

  168. N/A

    This is a huge comb! When I first saw it in person I thought that it would be too big for me, but it wasn’t. It really detangled my hair well and very little hair was lost. My hair is super coily and curly and I would say that it is 3c and 4a.

  169. N/A

    Firstly, I LOVE this comb!!! I tried and tried to master finger detangling, but I never fully mastered the technique. After finally coming to grips that I needed to combine finger detangling and combing in order to avoid massive tangles, I looked for the best type of comb for my hair. This is an AWESOME tool to have in one’s hair care arsenal. It’s a great investment!!!

  170. N/A

    This comb does a great job of detangling. I have noticed a lot less hair loss in the shower and a lot more length retention. It’s very sturdy – great quality. Shipped on time.

  171. N/A

    You are transitioning like myself natural or have thick hair. Then this is the comb for you… This comb have saved my hair.. What a great product!!!!

  172. rashaunphillips21 (verified owner)

    I love this seamless detangling comb for my curly hair I have 4A/4b natural hair hands down best detangling comb for my curly hair I recommend it for all curly hair types

  173. DANA COCHRAN (verified owner)

    I’ve used this comb for the past six years and can not be without it. In fact, I ordered two more last month just as back ups should anything happen to my original.

    I have waist length 3c/4a/4b natural hair that seems to only be happy when tangled up into a giant ball. Detangling is a nightmare but without this comb, it would be impossible. The wide teeth are perfect for the first step in detangling. The seamless teeth protect my hair from damage. The comb is easy to grip and durable. After a time, the foil stamping eroded but it wasn’t necessary. I have no complaints and recommend this comb to everyone. I anticipate I’ll be using these combs for the rest of my life.

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