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TM2.05 Pin Tail Backcombing Comb

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TM 2.0: the comb-innovation for the professional!

The TM2.05 Backcombing Comb was designed to tease and add volume to the hair!   The TM2.05 Backcombing Comb offers a bonus feature; a 3.25″ long pin tail.  Give yourself an ultimate style thru backcombing or use the pin tail for sectioning or adding foil highlights.  This comb is durable for all Salon work and everyday use.  Comfort and control are in your hand with this comb with its grip back and finger grip.  View our hotTips for useful tips on backcombing.

The TM 2.0 combs come in five vibrant colors: grey, blue, red, light purple, and orange.  Now, you can add color and excitement to your comb collection.  Mix or match the colors to suit your own individual style.

Please note: unlike our Hercules Sägemann and Magic Star 100% hard rubber combs, TM 2.0 combs are NOT seamless.   For this reason, returns for TM 2.0 combs will not be allowed.   Please refer to our Return Policy

Rest assured, our TM 2.0 combs are manufactured at the highest level and quality control measures for a plastic comb.   All TM 2.0 combs are shaped in premium quality molds in a single production step.   The molding tools and the raw materials used for production are the determinants of a comb’s quality and properties.  TM 2.0 combs move gently through your hair and are extremely soft to your scalp.

Plastic combs that are one-of-a-kind!

  • Made of polycarbonate known for its high duty properties
  • Provides excellent elasticity that is needed for special hairstyling purposes
  • Precise cut and texture when styling with all lengths and strengths of hair by means of optimized larger and finer teeth
  • Quicker and cleaner parting by means of the sectioning tooth
  • Optimal gliding ability, gentle to the hair and scalp thanks to the all-side rounded tooth base and rounded teeth tips
  • Fatigue-free work thanks to balanced ergonomics
  • Resistant against all hair cosmetics – ideal for use with hair colorants and perms
  • Long-lasting and dimensionally stable
  • Non-sensitive to temperature and practically indestructible under salon conditions
  • Non-slip surface due to grip back
  • Creates an anti-static effect

Additional information

3Comb Smooth

3rd Phase


Cool Grey, Light Purple*, Midnight Blue, Ruby Red, Sunny Orange*




Backcombing teeth, 3.25" pin tail, finger grip


Fine teeth


Add volume thru backcombing, foil highlights


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