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Satin Sleepwear

Why Use Satin in Your Sleep Wear?

You spend countless hours and money laboring for healthy hair only to damage it with a cotton pillowcase. Nightly use of cotton pillowcases will rob your hair of essential moisture eventually causing split ends and hair breakage!

Enjoy the luxurious feel of satin while taking the additional measure of care and protection to maintain your healthy hair. Our CROWN Satin SleeCap helps minimize hair breakage and prevent “bed head”.


  • Maintains essential moisture for hair
  • Prevents dry hair that leads to split ends and hair breakage


Good question! Satin is not an actual material or fiber of its own. Satin actually refers to the way the polyester fabric is woven or weaved which gives it shine and gloss on one side and dull on the other. Satin may come in light, medium, and heavy weights depending on the thickness of the weave. Our CROWN Satin SleepCaps are made with a medium weight satin. Our satin is colorfast (holds color), is highly durable and easy to care for.