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Combing Technique

3Comb Smooth

Styling your hair with a comb is probably a natural step in your hair care regimen.  However, combing your hair when it’s wet requires delicate and gentle handling.  Combing wet hair using the wrong method can be very damaging.

After selecting your combs, it’s important to know how to properly comb and smooth out your hair.  In order to get the hair strands as smooth as possible without putting stress on your delicate hair, we recommend the 3Comb Smooth.  The 3Comb Smooth is a method of combing wet hair in 3 phases into a smooth state.  This process will help create a smooth wet set.

There are 3 types of combs you will need: Extra Wide, Wide, and Medium or Fine tooth combs.  By using a multiple comb method helps to prevent damaging and ripping your hair by the time you get to the medium or fine tooth comb.

1. After you shampoo and/or condition your hair, do not towel dry your hair completely.  Leave your hair very wet.

2. Apply a leave-in conditioner.  The leave-in conditioner will help lubricate the hair and allow the comb to glide thru.

1st Phase

Take sections of your hair and comb the sections with an extra wide tooth comb such as the Magic Star Jumbo Rake.  Depending on your hair type, a wide tooth comb can accomplish the 1st phase.

2nd Phase

After using the extra wide tooth comb, move down to a wide tooth comb such as the HS1975 Styling Comb.

3rd Phase

After using the wide tooth comb, move down to a medium such as the HS696W Styling Comb.  For this phase, you can also use either a fine tooth tail or cutting comb such as the HS6450 Tail Comb.  Keep in mind that tail and cutting combs come in various fine tooth sizes.  Use a fine tooth comb according to your hair thickness and the section sizes you make. At this point in the 3Comb Smooth, you want the medium or fine tooth comb to glide thru your hair without much effort.  Therefore, don’t go too fine though unless you are working with very small and thin sections.

Take your time and be gentle as you smooth out each section. Start combing at the bottom half of each section and work your way up towards the scalp.  Make sure your hair is smooth from root to tip.  If you come across tangled hair when using either comb, go back up to the extra wide or wide tooth comb to gently loosen the tangle.  Then come back to the medium or fine tooth comb to finish smoothing the hair.