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HS13620 Detangling Styler Comb

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Hercules Sägemann: Perfection in design and function!

The HS13620 Detangling Styler Comb is 7.5″ long.  The HS13620 Detangling Styler comb has wide teeth and was designed to help create texture.  It can help enhance those bouncy natural curls, layered cuts, or curls from a roller set.  This comb can also be used on straight and sleek styles.  Its slim design is suitable for travel in a gym bag, purse or travel.

Don’t limit the many uses of this comb.  Be creative and flexible with your combs.  Use this comb in the 2nd phase of the 3Comb Smooth.  Depending on your hair type, the Detangler and Styler comb can be used in the 1st phase as well.

No worries about snagging or ripping your hair.  The teeth are absolutely free of any seams or burrs.  The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection!  In the Salon, at home or when traveling, Hercules Sägemann’s combs are unbeatable for styling.

Tip: Use nothing but the best on your hair…even at the salon! Consult with your stylist about using your comb(s) at all of your appointments and get the most out of your hair care regimen. Remember, if it’s not a Hercules Sägemann comb, it’s just a simple comb. See for yourself!

Whether with lots of volume, curly or smooth, with or without texture, styling combs make an individual look possible.  Particularly when smoothing the hair, it is important that the comb is absolutely burr-free.  Only in this way is it possible to guarantee that the hair cuticle is preserved.  The width, length, and shape of the tooth determines the type of texture and gives the individual look. It is a friend to your hair and scalp.  The ideal styling comb for every look.

  • Made by hand from 100% Vulcanized Natural Rubber
  • Tried and tested design with perfect ergonomics
  • Twist-resistant and yet flexible
  • The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut, and hand-polished to perfection!
  • Non-porous (will not support the growth of mold or mildew); guaranteeing hygiene
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Very smooth and gentle to the hair and scalp due to rounded tips and sides
  • Very good gliding ability when combing through the hair


Additional information

3Comb Smooth

1st and 2nd Phase




7.5" x 1.5"


Medium to Wide teeth


Bring out curls; comb straight styles, for travel or at home

3 reviews for HS13620 Detangling Styler Comb

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a great comb. I am able to comb my thick curly hair without any problem. I have tried other combs and the tines have broken off.

    I highly recommend this comb.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I use this comb as part of the second step in the 3Comb smooth method. I section off a small portion of my hair and then comb my hair product through before I begin twisting. I used to finger comb then twist, but it would leave me with twists that didn’t start near my scalp. This was problematic when I did twist outs because I would have this nice curly hair at the ends but an or inch two of my roots would just be a frizzy. With this comb I’m able to twist closer to the scalp and rock a nice twist out that starts at my roots. I wish I knew about this site five years ago!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Like it, but I love the detangler so use it almost exclusively

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