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HS5580 Styler Comb

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The new HS5580 Styler Comb is a replacement for our very popular HS1049 and HS1050 combs. It has a very wide 1″ spine for maximum grip and comfort in your hand.  The HS5580 Styler Comb has wide teeth and was designed for curly hair. It helps enhance those bouncy natural curls, layered cuts, or curls from a perfect roller set. Ok, sometimes, those roller set are not so perfect. But keep trying! Practice makes perfect.

Don’t limit the HS5580 Styler Comb to just curls. This comb can be used on straight and sleek styles. Be creative and flexible with your combs. This comb will keep you looking your best at work or after a great workout. Feel free to use it as a shower comb or even as your everyday comb.  The HS5580 Styler Comb can be used in the 1st or 2nd phase of the 3Comb Smooth depending on your hair texture.

No worries about snagging or ripping your hair. The teeth are absolutely free of any seams or burrs. The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polished to perfection! In the Salon, at home or when traveling, Hercules Sägemann’s combs are unbeatable for styling.

Tip: Use nothing but the best on your hair…even at the salon! Consult with your stylist about using your comb(s) at all of your appointments and get the most out of your hair care regimen. Remember, if it’s not a Hercules Sägemann comb, it’s just a simple comb. See for yourself!

Whether with lots of volume, curly or smooth, with or without texture, styling combs make an individual look possible. Particularly when smoothing the hair, it is important that the comb is absolutely burr-free. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee that the hair cuticle is preserved. The width, length, and shape of the tooth determines the type of texture and gives the individual look. It is a friend to your hair and scalp. The ideal styling comb for every look.

  • Made by hand from 100% Vulcanized Natural Rubber
  • Tried and tested design with perfect ergonomics
  • Twist-resistant and yet flexible
  • The teeth are hand-sawn, hand-cut, and hand-polished to perfection!
  • Non-porous (will not support the growth of mold or mildew); guaranteeing hygiene
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Very smooth and gentle to the hair and scalp due to rounded tips and sides
  • Very good gliding ability when combing through the hair


Additional information

3Comb Smooth

1st and 2nd Phase




5.75" x 2.75" (includes 1" spine)


Wide Teeth


Bring out curls; comb straight styles, for travel or at home

24 reviews for HS5580 Styler Comb

  1. Sherry

    After detangling my kinky fine hair, I use it like a hair pick. I have no breakage and the comb feels great to hold.

    Love the customer service, and I’m very picky to whom I give my repeat business.

    I had a question about the comb this one replaced. The reply was prompt, and explained that the HS5580 Styler Comb would be the new model replacement. I decided to give it a try and the shipping was fast.

    I am a repeat customer and I have been extremely satisfied doing business with

  2. Anonymous

    I love all combs from hot comb! They are such great quality products. They are worth the price.

  3. SC

    This is a great comb – hard-carved, seamless, great for your hair. It combs through my hair very well. I love it!

  4. Kendra

    I Loveeee and adore this comb. Detangles perfectly, comfortable to hold, just all around great!

  5. Anonymous

    This is a really nice comb, it fits perfectly in the hand and a great follow-up to the Magic Star Rake comb.

  6. Marsha

    I never thought I’d write a review on a comb, but this comb has definitely changed my mind. I purchased this comb after reading great reviews, and I have not been disappointed. I used it to detangle my 10 weeks post relaxer hair, and found that it was gentle and helped in smoothing my hair. I definitely recommend it.

  7. Detroit

    Perfect! I bought this as a replacement to the detangler comb I bought/been using for over a decade from *Sally’s. I have waist-length coily hair. I use this comb first to get through the mass and then use a medium fine tooth *BONE seamless comb for a thorough detangling.

  8. Laurie

    I have used several kinds of seamless combs over the years and I have to tell you this comb is now my FAVORITE! I am going to order more just to make sure I have them when I need them.

    They glide through my hair so well that I hardly lose any hairs at all through combing. My old comb was seamless but was nothing like this comb! I highly recommend this comb and look forward to being a lifelong customer.

  9. Regina

    I bought this comb and the magic star rake(big) to do something and to really see if they work..Child, I couldn’t believe it. They are worth it for the price. Can’t be compared to the bss combs.

  10. Yodie

    I can only compare this comb to a regular comb from my local beauty supply with seams, but after using it for while and then going back to my old comb with seams, it’s a must have for me. My hair is fine and fragile. Breaks easily. The HS5580 glides through my hair without snagging it. I don’t see a lot of hair coming out in the comb like I used to. I took it to the salon with me. My stylist loved it. Why take precautions at home and not at the salon? She brought a 5580 as well.

    I love it. It’s a must have.

  11. Racqs

    I bought this comb as a suggestion from a couple of hair blogs and vlogs that I follow. As promised, this comb does a great job of detangling without hair breakage. I like to use it best when detangling in the shower or while my deep conditioners are in.

  12. Nicole

    Every time my husband and myself uses a comb there is always so much hair that comes out. When I got this comb I was amazed that not one strand came out every time we use it. I will be purchasing more as backups and also for my daughters. Amazing job making this amazing comb!

  13. Ms. Miles

    This comb is the Bomb! I have never spent this much money on a comb, however it was worth it. There are not seams to pull your hair. It make me combing my natural hair problem free. I will be purchasing other combs from here. Keep up the good work!

  14. ebony

    This comb is great for multiple usuage. This comb is large but not overly large. Easy to handle and great for everyday styling, detangling and shower detangling !!! Great quality and worth every penny . If you care about your hair why not invest in it???!!

  15. lulu

    I was very pleased with this comb. Great for detangling my long relaxed hair and very durable. My hair still sheds in it but I do feel like there is less breakage with it. There are no seams and the tips are pretty smooth. I may invest in a fine tooth comb later on too.

  16. Anonymous

    I have naturally curly, slightly frizzy hair and I love the way this comb glides through my hair right out of the shower. It also is great for combing through my hair prior to brushing before bed. Wish I had ordered 2 so I could have one in my purse at all times as it does not pull the curls out and let my hair get frizzy even on humid Texas days!

  17. Anonymous

    I purchased my comb on BF (Black Friday) and received my comb in two weeks as per the tracking information, which I was fine with. I got my comb in a nice package from the mailer but my comb was loose in its packaging as if someone opened it and just slid it in the box. So, my comb was loose in the box. That did not deter me from using it. I have used this come at least once a day since my last relaxer now a week ago. I do love the combs teeth they are smooth and not harsh on my scalp, its combs my hair very easily and I adore that. I had a lot of shed hairs on the first couple of days use but today when I combed my hair it had about 9-10 hairs in it. which i can greatly appreciate. which means that my combs were causing a lot more damage than before. I plan on purchasing the magic rake comb for shower/conditioner combing. But I do love this comb for everyday use.
    hotCombs Response (12/24/13): Thank you for providing a review and stating your concern. We are happy to hear that you love your HS5580.

    During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, the USPS usually experience an increase in mail volume. Therefore, this may cause a delay in the delivery of our customers’ orders. We are glad that you understand.

    In regards to the box, after production in Germany, the boxes are hand-filled with each individual comb. The combs are not secured inside the box with ties or elastic. Therefore, yes, the combs are packaged loose inside their box.

  18. Elizabeth Romero

    This is my 2nd purchase with hot combs, I’m very pleased with this purchase just as much as with my first. I have the magic star rake set and now I have a few of these 5580 combs. I’m going to purchase several of the 703 combs next.
    I Iove these combs! I can’t have enough, honestly the best combs and investment ever made. I’m a latina with waist long wavy hair that tangles like crazy. These combs have help me smooth and retain my hair. Also, I have Zero split ends since I got my trim and only use these combs faithfully. I know my hair is taken care of aslong as I use my hotcombs:-)

  19. Elizabeth

    This is the best styler comb I’ve ever used on my natural hair. I have minimal hair breakage, which is great. Don’t delay, get the comb.

  20. Huda

    I never knew seams in a comb played a big role in hair breakage until I started using this. I was skeptical at first because these combs are pricier than the average Goody comb but It’s made a HUGE difference and it just glides through my hair like a knife through butter. I’m seriously in awe, my detangling routine is easier in the shower and out of it because of this. This website is great for ordering these combs, they arrived perfectly and earlier than expected.

  21. Marci

    I have had this comb for a while. I needed another one to carry with me. It’s great for detangling and for styling.

  22. Genevive

    This is the comb every natural girl should have it is smooth, its easy to hold, the length and with of the comb is well balanced, this comb will comb out your dry hair pain free, its great in the shower for detangling, its also good for comb out and styling and it works great on hair types 3 and 4 it is easy to take along with you. its easy to clean and It has an attractive look.


    I have shoulder length thick curly hair that I can ‘ringlet’ when wet (so when it dries it takes up less room). Up until recently I’d only ever used an Afro comb in the shower once a week when washing my hair as found it too difficult to get a brush through my hair when dry. However 6 weeks ago (thanks to my hairdresser) I decided to try the ‘all natural’ approach ie no more shampoo, conditioner, sculpting gel to de-frizz etc – no products of any kind (best decision ever! – No more frizz on rainy days, and hair feels amazing).

    Consequently I started out intending to just buy a bristle brush to use to distribute the natural hair oils before showering, then I found this website and thanks to the reviews I also bought a range of brushes and combs. Bought the HS2676 Matador Pick to replace my Afro comb and added the HS5580 Styler Comb to the list almost as an afterthought as one of the reviewers had said they thought the MS5600 Magic Mini Super Star Rake Curve was the best for curly hair (I bought that too). Have to say this comb is better for my hair when it’s wet than the Magic Star Mini Rake Curve mainly due to it having more teeth that are not as widely spaced, but still widely spaced enough for thick hair that curls more as it dries.

  24. Anonymous

    I do not like how this feels on my hair when i use it. The magic star mini glides better than this. The teeth for this seems to be a but thin and not full as the magic mini star. I think i made bad a choice and should have bought the magic mini star rake curve instead.

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